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Sun Bed Courses


30 mins£35
60 mins£60
120 mins£96


40 mins£38
60 mins£50
120 mins£90

Ergoline PRESTIGE 1600

The Prestige range from Ergoline represents the latest UV technology combined with innovative comfort features and classic design. The new top model, Prestige 1600, is setting new standards in radiant tanning technology with its improved Hybrid Performance and Radiance LEDs.

This unique combination of UV and red light delivers an exceptionally attractive and long-lasting tan.

Ergoline SUNRISE 480

The Ergoline Sunrise 480‘s tremendous tanning power makes it the envy of all other stand-up units. Generously equipped with 48 x 200-watt Turbo Power UV lamps that are 2 meters tall, it features a quick maximum exposure schedule and ensures total body coverage for our tallest tanners.

For music enjoyment, a 3D-Sound system with MP3 player connection and SD card slot comes standard.

The Sun Box Bespoke Tanning Salon is a proud member of The Sunbed Association. Our staff have been trained to industry standards to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

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